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Zombies!!! Board Game Lurches Onto XBLA Spring 2011

Several board games have found a second life on Xbox Live Arcade, from classics like Risk to more hardcore fare like Catan and Carcassonne. According to Joystiq, the board game Zombies!!! will be joining those ranks this coming spring thanks to developer Barbaroga, who is currently working on the Windows Phone 7 version of the game.

A digital version of Zombies!!! was originally to be developed by developer Big Rooster, but Zombies!!! owner Twilight Creations announced back in August that they would be searching for a new partner for the property.

Zombies!!! has players laying down randomized tiles to construct zombie-filled city, which the player’s character must then survive. The game is won when one player reaches the helipad or a player kills 25 zombies.

As a fan of board games, it’s great to see another well-regarded title get the video game treatment – it definitely makes it easier to clean up the pieces. Now, how about somebody get to work on getting us an XBLA version of Arkham Horror?


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