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Zombies Infect New Puzzle Game

Those rotting monstrosities just can't stay put in their own survival horror genre.  They've invaded military shooters, tower defense, twin stick shooters and now the zombies have come to the puzzle genre too with the new game Containment by Bootsnake Games.

It runs on a 3D engine to depict the town of Franklin, which has been overrun by the living dead.  Players have to use elements of the environment in planning their strategy to contain the outbreak.  It takes the sort of jewel-matching game mechanics seen in many casual puzzle games, but adds in blood and gore.  Rather than use the standard goal of lining up matching icons, the objective of Containment is to surround zombies with humans while trying avoid letting survivors get surrounded by enemies.

You can see the game in the video below.  It's out now for PC and iPad.  The PC version can be found on Steam for $4.99, but is currently on sale for 20% off at $3.99.


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