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2K Games Announces Borderlands 2 Preview at Gamescom

Games announced yesterday
via their Twitter account that they will be featuring a first sneak peek of
Borderlands 2 at Gamescom.  Save the date,
because on August 19th 2K Games’
blog will be streaming live the
Borderlands 2 reveal.  In case you didn’t know, Borderlands 2 is the follow-up to the very successful Borderlands game developed by Gearbox. 

fans (like myself) of the first Borderlands, this announcement comes as
welcome and exciting news as 2K and Gearbox just recently confirmed
they have been working on the sequel.  Borderlands mixed hardcore RPG
elements into a fun FPS experience.  The game had a very hand drawn and
comic book inspired visual style while still looking impressive.  The
fun gameplay and character customization made it a total time-suck as well.  I’m
really looking forward to seeing the new developments and the direction
they’re taking with the game.  Since it had some serious RPG mechanics,
it will be interesting to see what changes and updates Gearbox has made
or is looking to implement and, maybe more importantly, if there are
going to be any changes with the gunplay.

original Borderlands was highlighted as having a robust weapon
creation system that allowed for unique weapon drops during every play-through.  I think it is pretty safe to assume that you can expect more
of the same in Borderlands 2.  One thing I would really like to see is
the ability to perform modular upgrades to the guns you find and/or
buy.  Customization with scopes and other additional items could be
purchased at the variety of vending machines that were dispersed
throughout the world of Pandora and add that extra level of
personalization.  Is there something you’re really excited to see?  Let me know.

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