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Four Things Bungie Should Add To Destiny
5 hours ago | PS4 Features
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Digital High Podcast – Evolve Beta… Fun but Flawed?
5 hours ago | Digital High
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Strange Magic Review
9 hours ago | Movie Reviews
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Mortdecai Review
11 hours ago | Movie Reviews
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I Watched Amazon Prime’s New Pilots So You Don’t Have To
January 25, 2015 | TV Features
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Four Things Marvel’s Star Wars Has to Do
January 25, 2015 | Comic Features
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Ex Machina Review
January 24, 2015 | Movie Reviews

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Four Things Bungie Should Add To Destiny

Destiny is a game that has divided many people. Some have moved on. Repetitive missions, a lack of story and lots of grinding caused many to get bored or frustrated. Yet there seems to be many who are still playing Destiny. Running the raids, collecting shards and doing daily missions. For these people Destiny has […]

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Digital High Podcast – Evolve Beta… Fun but Flawed?

The Digital High guys are back to bring you something that you all need, entertainment news and discussion. Recently Evolve had an open beta and that seems to have sparked a discussion for amongst those of Digital High. With that in mind, the subject of cross-platform play with regards to Fable Legends is brought up […]

Read Full Article pokken_tournament.0.0

Pokken Tournament Details Surface

This week on Japanese TV, we saw live gameplay for the first time on Pokkén Tournament. This game, which is helmed by the directors of both Tekken and Soul Calibur finally shows off how the game plays with its unique roster. Pikachu, Suicune and Gardevoir have been added to the main roster along with Machamp […]

Read Full Article Xbox:Windows 10

Xbox to Integrate Windows 10 Functionality & Vice Versa

Microsoft have announced that their new PC OS, Windows 10, will have much closer integration with it’s Xbox brethren than any OS before it. First up, Windows 10 will have a built-in ‘Xbox on Windows 10′ app which features many of the functions you’ll be used to by now if you own an Xbox One […]


Read Full Article The-Man-in-the-High-Castle-Le-maitre-du-haut-chateau-commandee-par-Amazon_portrait_w532

I Watched Amazon Prime’s New Pilots So You Don’t Have To

Amazon Prime has had a heck of a year- launching a critically acclaimed award winning series (Transparent) and a new series that garnered favorable reviews (Mozart Jungle). But getting a hit or two under one’s belt comes with an interesting side effect: pressure to continue performing at a high level. So, when I sat down […]

Read Full Article American-Horror-Story-4x06-2-850x560

American Horror Story: Freak Show – Curtain Call Review

Another American Horror Story season comes to an in a spectacularly ridiculous yet underwhelming manner. Freak Show can most simply be described as an uneven season, one that started off with sublime, atmospheric style; muddled through the bulk of its episodes; and, though the writers brought in some crazy, audaciously entertaining story threads towards the […]


Read Full Article Duplex Brothers Netflix

Duplass Brothers Sign 4 Picture Deal With Netflix

Salt Lake City is a land of miracles. Every year, when winter has a firm icy grip on the remote mountain town, an intrepid group of film buffs, producers and filmmakers gather to trade their wares. Quick meetings at parties and in bathrooms result in some long lasting business relationships and multi-million dollar movie deals. […]

Read Full Article Strange-Magic-11

Strange Magic Review

George Lucas. A name that conjures images of adventure and imagination. A name that translates to magic in the film and the gaming industries and ultimately transcends the person it belongs to, moving into a space that is what we call a brand, which is to say there is a distinctive touch on anything from […]


Read Full Article strooper

Four Things Marvel’s Star Wars Has to Do

Marvel’s new Star Wars title dropped a couple weeks ago (thanks Disney!). Obviously, it’s a little hard to tell how a good a whole series is going to be off a single issue. Still, the first issue wasn’t what I’d call bad. It was… middle of the road. Not really the level of stamped-out, fully-branded […]

Read Full Article Daredevil 12 cover

Daredevil #12 Review

In the days before the direct market (i.e. dedicated comic book stores), distribution and availability of individual issues of a comic could vary widely. Consequently, writers often tried to tell a whole story in one issue, realizing that if readers couldn’t find part four of a five-part story, it would be frustrating. However, as the […]

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