Turn off the Lights
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Unsane Review
April 25, 2018 | Movie Reviews
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Comic Uno Episode 238 (Action Comics #1000, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26)
April 25, 2018 | Comic Reviews
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Legion – Chapter 12 Review
April 25, 2018 | TV Reviews
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The Wound (Inxeba) Review
April 24, 2018 | Movie Reviews
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Cinequest 2018: Krystal Review
April 23, 2018 | Movie Reviews
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Westworld – Journey Into Night Review
April 23, 2018 | TV Reviews
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Truth or Dare Review
April 19, 2018 | Movie Reviews

Video Games

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Enter the Rift: A full-immersion, real-time VR headset for the masses.

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A tale of turning thirty and twenty-five years of gaming.

Read Full Article E3 2017

As the school year ends and summer begins, gamers everywhere look to E3 for hype and expectations. Be it further developments on games previously announced at past E3s or new IPs, gamers of every stripe find new games and hardware to check out. Among others, several notable upcoming events stick out for special consideration. Number […]

Read Full Article Mass Effect Foundation 12

The original Mass Effect video game series from BioWare and Electronic Arts is one of the most beloved and critically-acclaimed games series. However, some may not be aware but there have also been numerous Mass Effect tie-in comic books published by Dark Horse since the debut of the series. Some directly link to the comics […]


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After I spent last week talking about how Legion often values style over substance (and the style is often so spectacular that the lack of major plot and character developments don’t really matter all that much), “Chapter 12” comes around and completely flips the script in terms of creating key character moments and driving the plot […]

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My main complaint about season one of Westworld (which was also the main complaint of seemingly every other TV critic) was that the series was far more concerned with creating and springing its puzzle box traps than with crafting a complex and interesting story populated by complex and interesting characters. By the end of season […]


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Steven Soderbergh is a director with unprecedented success in cinemas with his Ocean’s 11 series and an Academy Award to his name due to Erin Brockovich. Despite having a celebrated career, one label that he cannot wear is conventional. Since his introduction to audiences with his Cannes Film Festival winner, Sex, Lies and Videotape, he has […]

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South Africa’s nomination for the Best Foreign Language Oscar that just missed the cut, The Wound is an incredibly raw and gripping social drama set amongst the South African Xhosa tribe’s coming of age ritual, Ukwaluka. Amongst the young initiates taken to the mountains for ritual circumcision and the subsequent healing process is urban youth […]


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Check out Kat’s weekly comic book review show where she covers all the books she read in one show. Here is the list of books she covers: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26, Action Comics #1000, Batman #45, Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye #2, Injustice 2 #24, Mister Miracle #8, Superman #45, Xena #3, Infidel #2, Kick Ass #3, The Amazing Spider-Man #799, The Amazing Spider-Man […]

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Check out Kat’s weekly comic book review show where she covers all the books she read in one show. Here is the list of books she covers: Batman #44, Batman White Knight #7, Deathstroke #30, Injustice 2 #23, Superman #44, Snotgirl #10, All-New Wolverine #33, The Amazing Spider-Man #798, Marvel Two in One #5, New Mutants Dead Souls #2, Rogue and Gambit #4, Runaways #8, X-Men Gold #25, Betrothed […]