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4 New PSN titles coming from Ubisoft

Ubisoft has four exclusive games coming to PlayStation Network
in the coming months.

The titles in question are: I Am Alive,
Shoot Many Robots, Babel Rising
and Project
.  I Am Alive in particular has generated interest as it is a somewhat unusual and new type of survival
game.  Rather than be centered around
horror, as such games usually are, it follows a cataclysmic event
that turns the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the player must find ways to stay alive in the harsh environment.  Finding food, collecting water and traversing
hazardous landscapes are all central to the game’s overarching experience.  I Am Alive has been in development for some
time, having been rumored to be canceled on more than one occasion, but after the latest
trailer showcasing the Uncharted-esque
climbing and combat, the game seems to be well on track to be released.

a shot from the original E3 trailer of I am Alive

Shoot Many Robots is exactly what the
title implies. You have guns and you are tasked with facing hordes of deadly
killer robots.  While not an overly
complex title, a cool element of how it was made is the community input in
the various enemy and weapon designs. I even submitted some myself a while back,
though I doubt they ever made it into the final product.  It’s a 2D side-scroller and looks to be a lot
of fun.
Babel Rising is a god game, similar
to titles like Black and White of
years past or the more recent From Dust.
The great twist being rather than trying to keep your populace alive and well
you are tasked with making their desire to construct the Tower of Babel as
horrible and difficult as possible through summoning all kinds of natural and
not-so-natural disasters.

Lastly, Project Haste
(working title) is being developed by TechLand, who are known for the recent zombie
island title Dead Island.  It is an off-road ATV game with what
seems to be similar mechanics as the genre typically goes by, but that doesn’t
mean it won’t be fun. It’s been a while since I’ve played a decent off road game and
with indie titles being so affordable and thus having such great value more often than
not, it’s hard to say no if they’re well made.  No specific dates have been set so far, but this winter (in America) is the ideal launch window Ubisoft has planned for all four.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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