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ABC Gives Pilot Commitment to Sci-Fi Drama Set In the White House

In a Deadline exclusive it was
announced that ABC has given a put pilot commitment to a project that
brings a little science-fiction into the Oval Office. Ex-Comm
is being described as a drama with plenty of humor infused into its
sci-fi based storyline. Seth Green, Michael Dougherty, Roberto Orci,
and Jon Favreau(who is also set to direct) will write the pilot.

Ex-Comm is centered on a
recently elected president and his secret agency of America’s top
minds responsible for investigating the more bizarre threats facing
the nation. The series will follow this “Executive Committee” as
they hunt down the “conspiracy theory truths” that endanger
national security. As the premise implies, the show will be
lighthearted, but creators also claim it will remain grounded in the
realm of possibility.

Green and Dougherty are responsible for
the original concept, with Orci and Favreau joining up while the two
were doing press for the recent film, Cowboys and Aliens;
which Favreau directed and Orci wrote along with Alex Kurtzman, who
will also serve as a producer on
This marks the second recent TV deal for Favreau, who is in
negotiations with CBS on a pilot for his half-hour sitcom, Tweaked,
which he wrote and is looking to direct and executive produce.

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