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Batman v Superman defies expectations and sets box office record

"Batman v Superman sails past competition to $454 million worldwide box office opening"

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted to a record setting March opening of 170.1 million in North America, making the fourth best comic book adaptation behind Marvel’s The Avengers (207.4 million), Avengers : Age of Ultron (191.3 million) and Iron Man 3 ( 174.1 million), according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Overseas it grossed $254 million from a total of 66 markets giving it a global debut of $424 million, making it the top debut for a superhero movie adaption worldwide. The real question now is how well the movie will hold up in its second weekend. With bad word of mouth, poor reviews from critics, and a 29% rotten tomatoes score, it defied expectations by having a strong opening weekend.


“The opening weekend of Batman V Superman was always going to be critic proof-this is a film for fans of all ages of the iconic comic book characters, “ says box-office analyst Jeff Bock. “However the key element here is the successive weekends, which will likely suffer greatly. As it stands, Batman v. Superman will likely drop like a rock in its second weekend. Easter was golden for Batman v. Superman, but the aftermath might be rotten eggs. Positive reviews would have eased the drop”.


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  • Irish Jim

    I don’t think that many people will see it more than once. It was an OK superhero movie, but it should have been a lot better. It should make money, but it will not be as strong as some of the other movies.

    The actors playing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all did a nice job. The script needed a major re-write.

    I guess the story was supposed to be that Batman was so damaged psychologically that he irrationally decided to try to kill Superman. I guess that is the story. They didn’t tell it very well. Alfred hinted at it, but didn’t try to stop Batman from attacking Superman.

    Nothing else makes sense as Superman didn’t do anything to make a sane person want to kill him. While people were killed in the fight with Zod, Superman saved the Earth from being destroyed. If Superman doesn’t stop Zod, then everyone gets killed not the hundreds that were killed.

    The dream sequences were confusing. It wasn’t always easy to see what was a dream and what was really happening.

    Playing Lex Luthor as the Joker was stupid. Luthor has 70 years of history. Just because Heath Ledger won an Oscar for playing the Joker, doesn’t mean the other villains have to act like him. This is the main issue I have with DC movies, they want to copy other movies that are successful rather than tell their own story.

    The Justice League isn’t the Avengers or the X-Men. They shouldn’t try to be. Lex Luthor isn’t the Joker. If you want the Joker to be the bad guy, then cast the Joker.

    A friend of mine who worked for Sears in the 1990’s said, the problem with Sears is that they keep trying to copy Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot instead of trying to be the very best Sears that it can be.

    That is what I see with the DC movies. If something works in the Marvel films, then they copy that. If the Dark Knight films have something that works, they copy that in all of their films. DC has excellent character with compelling stories. They should have enough confidence in them to tell their stories.

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