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Bloodrayne: Betrayal Announced for PSN

Video games favourite blood-sucking femme fatale, Rayne, is
making a comeback this summer in Bloodrayne:
. The announcement was made by Majesco Entertainment, and will be
developed by Wayforward, known for Batman:
The Brave and the Bold.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal
is an adventure game, where players will reprise the role of Rayne, a dhampir
(half-human, half-vampire) who hunts vampires for a secret organisation, known
as “The Brimstone Society”. 

Bloodrayne logo

This is the latest instalment in the Bloodrayne series in over 6 years, after Bloodrayne 2, developed by Terminal Reality was released in 2004;
the follow-up to 2002’s Bloodrayne, also
developed by Terminal Reality. Both titles received generally positive feedback
from critics and gamers alike.

Rather than returning with the third-person premise of the
previous two games, Bloodrayne: Betrayal
is a 2D side-scroller. Despite this change, Bloodrayne’s signature brutality
has remained intact. Using Rayne’s signature arm blades, mixed with guns and
blood sucking, player’s must hack and slash their way through an army of brand
new enemies and boss battles. There is also a potential hint at a co-op mode for Bloodrayne: Betrayal, as it is said that Rayne will be joined by a “mysterious new friend”.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal will arrive to the Playstation Network
and Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

Here’s the brand new teaser trailer:

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