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Brian K. Vaughan Hired to Adapt Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’ for Showtime

It was back in August when Showtime
picked up Stephen King’s Under the Dome for a series, but it
wasn’t until this week that Brian K. Vaughan was settled on to pen
the adaption. Deadline was first to report the news on Vaughan
undertaking the retelling of the 2009 novel. King, whose Dark
series is also flirting with an adaption at HBO, will serve
as an executive producer on the series.

a stranger amongst sci-fi fans, Vaughan is best known as a comic book
author, most notably for his series;
The Last Man
Ex Machina,
Pride of
He has also lent his talent to television before, serving as a key
writer on
from the third to fifth season.

in another unassuming town in Maine -like so many of King’s works-
Under the Dome
has the convenience of a title that pretty well spells out the plot.
The supernatural-infused thriller follows the story of the town’s
residents after they are trapped within a mysterious barrier that
quite literally cuts them off from the outside world. Civility and
society itself are quickly strained to their breaking points as the
citizens begin to turn on one another.

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