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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mechanical Apartheid Trailer

"A new story trailer showcases the gritty plot-setting of upcoming Mankind Divided"

If I am to be one hundred percent honest, I was about half way into this trailer before I remembered that this was about a game and not a new Netflix original series.

This story trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided showcases just how serious the upcoming game’s plot promises to be. Here, it’s drawing upon a lot of our history’s darkest moments from the fear of a minority to the segregation of people all the way to concentration camps. Simply put, the plot is heavy.

I’m almost sad that this isn’t a movie. The acting seemed alright by my admittedly low standards, and the shot were cool. At the same time, treating a video game with the same level of intensity as one would a movie is invigorating.

Video games have been getting more and more attention as a maturing form of media, and seeing a trailer being treated as serious as this is as blood-pumping as this trailer is itself.

Back to the trailer itself, though, I am excited to see where we as the players will fit in in this world. Which side of that fence will we be on? Will we get a choice? Which, if any, of the characters we see in this trailer will we end up working with or against?

In any case, the plot-setting shown in this trailer presents a world I cannot wait to dive into.

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