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Digital Comics: Are They Worth It?

Digital Comics are great because you can read them anywhere especially
if you have a mobile device. They save space in your house and there are
several services to download digital comics. The major problem with digital comics is the price point that some of
the publishers establish for these books. It seems like publishers are taking advantage of what people would pay
just to download a 28 page book that costs only a little more than their print counterpart. 

Recently, I acquired an Android Phone and I was very excited about
my device because this meant that I could read some comics whenever and wherever
I wanted. I downloaded the Comixology
application from the Android marketplace and browsed their selection, which is
amazing. There was so much to choose from, but then something caught my
attention.  A lot of these comics were
old, in addition, here is another little surprise some of these books didn’t
really drop their price digitally. In fact most of the digital books cost more than
their current value.  Don’t get me wrong,
some of the books in the app from smaller publishers are at a decent price yet others are still too expensive.  After
seeing the prices in the app, I concluded that maybe getting the hard copy is a
better than the digital version; thus still making me more a hard copy reader
than a digital copy reader.

Comics on the iPadComic book publishers
should really consider dropping the price point on digital comics because the
books that are available for many of these apps are old and pricewise it
doesn’t justify the value they are being sold for.  For instance, I was shocked to find a digital
copy of a popular DC comic at 1.99 when it was probably worth $1.25 in its day!
 The older material should be set at a
price point of .50 cents to .99 cents at the most and not so close to $2.00.

Then you have the recent material.  Some of which is up on the app for 1.99. Not
bad, but still too pricey for a digital book. 
I mean sure, you have the option of buying the stuff and reading them on
your device, but is it worth buying a 28 page digital comic book for 1.99
sometimes at 2.99?   It depends on the
person, but I can’t justify that price even for a newer book.  At that price I might as well go straight to
the comic book shop, buy it at regular price, read it and then store it in my

Personally, newer books should be established at the same
range as older books anywhere from 50 – 99 cents.  This way it provides the readers who still buy
the books monthly a worthwhile option especially if they are on a budget. Instead of making the reader wait for a collected
trade, why not entice us by offering the book a couple of months later at a
reduced price?  The 50-99 cents price
point is perfect because it would save the reader money and shorten the wait
time and availability of these titles.

If publishers would agree on a decent price range on the digital
books, not only would you keep the hardcore comic book readers intrigue into
trying the digital books, you could also capitalize on newer readers who are
just discovering some of these titles for the first time. By introducing
these readers to the comic books at a low price, publishers could get
younger and newer readers into the comic book world wanting more of these great


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