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Digital High Episode 12

Hold onto your socks, because Vince talks about a game he likes, which is Rage. I discover the explosive hidden gem that is Split Second and, as always, Donna helps us discuss the week’s news and stories from the video game world. Gears 3 holds the best launch this year with 3 million units sold in a week. We talk quite a bit about Sony’s new advert for the PS3 and what exactly the core message is behind it, and that new Syndicate trailer turned out to be quite awesome indeed.

In other
news: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer rumors still continue, LA Noire studio Team
Bondi are officially shutting down, an RPG based on the popular Game of Thrones
TV series will hit sometime in early 2012 and, what everyone has been waiting
for, an app for the windows phone that turns it into a 360 controller. Finally,
I can throw out all those clunky pads and use my 360 properly.

You can
catch all the episodes of Digital High on the official podcast page! http://playeraffinity.com/podcast.html

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