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Duke Nukem Forever a Success According to Take Two

if you bought Duke Nukem Forever…well, we’re sorry. I think
everyone wanted the game to be good for nostalgia sake, but we have
to frankly say the game sucked (take that childhood!). However, that
didn’t stop Take-Two from being happy about the game. According to
Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two’s CEO,  “Despite its
disappointing reviews, 
Nukem Forever
profitable for Take-Two,” A sign that sure shows that a game is
good. All sarcasm aside it would easy to let that off if not for one
comment. That being, “With sales data, It seems like
*customers* love Duke,” 

really needs to turn off their spin machine, and realize they made a
bad game. The game has some huge issues which include and are not
limited to, bad level design, bad loading times, slow render times,
and not being all that funny. To it’s credit it is playable. While
I’m sure I speak for many when I say I loved Duke when I was a kid,
but now that I’m grown up that love is not so much there. It’s like a
bad marriage, where after all these years you can’t find that spark
that you fell in love with so long ago.  

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