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Duke Nukem Forever’s ‘Capture the Babe’ Causes Fake Controversy

What’s more shocking than a Duke Nukem Forever mode that features you capturing a stripper, throwing her over your shoulder, and slapping her butt? How about Al Bundy liking women?
Duke Nuke caused fake controversy recently with the reveal of their
‘Capture the Babe’ mode. This mode is basically capture the flag, but
the flag is a stripper, and yes, she’s treated very much like an object.
This isn’t what really caused the controversy. No, treating women as a
literal object is not the cause at all. It’s the fact that you have
the option to slap her butt. Now, originally, the half-truths on the
internet were running around saying you could slap a woman, which
instantly sparked a thought of a woman getting the ‘Shut yer trap!” slap
to the mouth. Then the truth was brought forth, and it just ended up
being a slap on the butt. But because the fake controversy was stirred
already, they had to stick to their guns.

From across the internet, I’ve seen article after article calling this a
step back in gaming, as well as just downright degrading to women. I
never knew that a woman, who’s career is to be admired and lusted after
as an object, would feel offense to being slapped on the butt. I’m also
sad to have to report that no matter what happens in a video game,
there’s this thing where the women are not actually women. They’re made
up of computer code and give the appearance of a woman. All silliness
aside, this is just one of those times when political correctness is to
be laughed at and mocked.

As a male myself, I decided to ask my wife what her thoughts of the
abuse Duke Nukem gives towards women. I gave her all of the information I
had gathered about this event. Her reply was, “It’s stupid. It’s a
video game. If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have play it.”. I’m
actually posting this quote because it’s good advice, and she’s not a
gamer. On top of that, Penny Arcade summed it up best with their comic about the situation.
The countless hundreds to thousands of males we murder is perfectly
okay, but don’t dare touch a lady (even in a non-violent way)! Now,
don’t get me wrong. I’m not for the abuse of any woman, but we really
need to sit back and analyze the situation.

Nukem is the equivalent to all things 80s and 90s. He’s the tough guy
who saves the girl, and all the girls are helpless. It’s a satire in
itself. If anything, it’s just as offensive to men, or should be. Most
men aren’t like this. The same as not every woman is a stripper or a
whore. In the alternate reality of Nukem, everything is taken to the
extreme. If you’re being offended, there’s only two things that have
happened: Gearbox is doing a great job at making the experience
non-political correct and offensive, and you’re overreacting to nothing.

I guess what we can agree on is that Duke Nukem Forever is
living up to it’s name. It’s male macho attitude is causing a ruckus,
and it’s been delayed recently. Hail to the king, baby!

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