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First Episode of the Making of Risen 2 Released

likes pirates, right?  Not the pirates we
have nowadays, the pirates popularized by a certain series of Disney films, who
sail the seven seas on big ships waving cutlasses and shouting ‘yarr’.  If you’re a particular fan of that kind of
pirate, you’ll be interested to see that Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes, the developers
of Risen 2: Dark Waters, have
released the first in what will be a series of in-depth ‘making of’ videos for
the game.

The first episode centers on the creation of a believable game world, and features plenty of information on the process of creating Risen 2’s tropical jungles and oceans through interviews with the programmers and in-game footage.  It’s certainly all looking very pretty at the moment, and the blurb for the game promises monstrous sea-creatures and an interesting story angle that features your character being a member of what is likely to be the famous Spanish Inquisition.  For now, have a look and see how the game has been taking shape- and don’t forget the rum!

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