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Free Gears of War 3 Map Pack Out Now

Here’s something you don’t see every
day: Free DLC! Epic Games has just released the “Versus Booster Map Pack” for Gears of War 3, which contains five
multiplayer maps. Two of the maps are actually new: Bullet Marsh and
Clocktower, while the remaining three–Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive—have
already been released in the previous “Horde Command Pack.”

The map pack is a result of a
partnership between Epic and Paramount Pictures, who are promoting their new
film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
A new “Impossible Mission” has been added to Gears of War 3, a contest where players can win an exclusive
“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Weapon Skin Pack.” To win, players must
watch the trailer for Mission Impossible
on Xbox Live, then complete Gears 3 on
Insane mode before Dec. 25. The Weapon Skin Pack includes Ghost Protocol-themed Lancers, Gnasher Shotguns, Hammerbursts, Retro Lancers
and Sawed-off Shotguns. Other prizes will be available for those who enter the
contest but fail to complete the game on Insane. Those who have already beaten Gears 3 on Insane will automatically
receive the weapon pack on Dec. 31.

Also, those who watch the Mission Impossible:
Ghost Protocol
trailer or download the Mission Impossible gamer theme
on Xbox Live can enter to win a home theater package including a Mission
Impossible: Ghost Protocol-
themed Xbox 360 slim console with Kinect, 50”
HDTV, 5.1 digital HD home theater system, and the Mission Impossible
complete DVD series.

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