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Gears of War 3 Hits 3 Million Sales in Just a Week

It’s no
surprise that Xbox 360 gamers love their Gears
of War
, and the first week sales of Gears
of War 3
prove this point soundly. Microsoft announced that the final game
in the trilogy has surpassed 3 million sales since its launch on September 20.
With these stellar figures, Gears 3 is
the best-selling game so far in 2011. Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil
Spencer said “Gears of War 3
kicked off the biggest holiday in Xbox history with a bang last week, setting
the standard for the kinds of amazing, action-packed experiences gamers should
expect on Xbox 360 this year.”

The high
sales were to be expected, as it reached one million preorders faster
than any Xbox 360 game to date. Developer Epic Games also announced back in May that
the Gears of War 3 beta had over one
million participants. With the success of this third game, the Gears of War franchise as a whole has garnered $1 billion in
lifetime sales.

The first of
the four Gears 3 expansion packs is
due out in November. If players purchase the Season Pass, they will receive all
the expansion packs for $30. Purchasing every pack separately will run about $45.

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