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Gears of War 3 Will Hit September 20th

sharpening your chainsaw, because Gears 3 is coming sooner than expected.
Originally delayed until Fall 2011, which usually means November in the gaming
world. Microsoft have revealed that the final instalment for Gears will take
the spot that Halo titles usually occupy.

There is
still no word on when the beta will launch, nor any details for that matter.
But it’s great that we’ll be seeing one of the 360’s top franchises make a
return early. It’s not completely outrageous to assume there is another reason
for this early release. November is going to be a pretty competitive month this year,
with titles such as Call of Duty and Uncharted coming around once again.

Remember you
can get access to the Gears 3 beta via Bulletstorm, the review for which will
be up next week. You will need to pay extra for the limited edition in order to
get a beta key though.Refresh your memory with some gameplay below…

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