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Halloween Sales- Tuesday

All week long Player Affinity is covering the Halloween-themed sales that are appearing all over the internet, like zombies crawling from their graves.  Each day this week, Direct2Drive.com is holding a sale on a different scary game, today it’s The Path, a reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood with a heavy dose of modern Goth Chick aesthetics.  This indie game developed by Tales of Tales can be yours for just $4.99 at D2D.
You can get the same deal on The Path at GamersGate.com who are continuing their Halloween Week with sales on any game which is remotely scary.  But for a good solid fright, check out their deal on the Penumbra Collection & Amnesia Bundle which will get you four genuinely terrifying indie games for $19.99.
You’ll find a lot of similar deals over at ImpulseDriven.com, but Impulse is also having a great deal on the non-Halloweeny game Sins of a Solar Empire, which is down to $8.95 at the moment.

Steampowered.com is selling a different game by publisher THQ each day this week.  Today it’s the Titan Quest franchise; this Action RPG is marked down 75% which brings it to $3.74.  You can also pick up the expansion pack Immortal Throne for the same price, or get both of them together with the Gold Edition as $4.99.

Check back here every day to find out what new sales have clawed their way out of the hallowed earth in search of cheap gamers.

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