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Heroes and Quitting

When the tough times come, the hero get packing? Wait that
isn’t right! Heroes are here to the very end; they will lay their life on the line
for a better tomorrow that’s what makes them hero’s right? They make all the
hard choices and usually get nothing in return, but why do they sometimes give
in to the circumstances? While most of them can hurl lightning, or have a million
dollar battle suit, or is one of the greatest symbols of hope on the planet,
heroes have given in.

Look at Spider-Man for instance. He has conquered if not
all yet, but close to every bit of tragedy a hero can possibly have. His very
first tragedy was the death of his Uncle Ben at the hands of a killer that he
could have stopped. However, because of being young and selfish Spider-Man is the man born from
that fateful day. Through and through, Spider-Man has battled poverty, family
security, bad health, and death throughout his 49 years of creation since 1962.
However why do heroes, like Spider-Man just throw in the towel and say “I
quit” some time down the road?

Old web head has had a lot of girl friends over the years.
Gwen Stacy, Parker’s first girl friend, was brutally killed by his arch nemesis
The Green Goblin. While it was the sudden stop that broke Gwen’s neck, Goblin
was the one who threw Gwen off of the bridge. Spider-Man swore vengeance on
Goblin and promised that he would kill him. While being a just and noble hero,
Spider-Man didn’t carry out on this plan however to make matters worse, Norman
has done even worse things in his time. When the heroic duty of protecting
continues to take it’s toll on the hero, is that a sign of quitting?

Heroes other than Spider-Man, have quit their jobs years
ago. In the All New Wonder Woman comic, issue 269 was about Wonder Woman being
fed up with protecting “man’s world” and wanted to leave America and go back to
Paradise Island. While it only lasted one issue, it seems to me that comic
creators like to use this concept for when the hero gets going. Dick Grayson
and Wally West after a battle in Alaska, the two of them leave the team tired of
being Robin and Kid Flash. While being teens, they left for quite a while but
eventually came back as I recall.

If heroes throw in the towel permanently that means their
stories wouldn’t be that interesting right? Some wanna-be’s would try to replace
them as the hero and eventually go crazy or something of that manner and become
a super villain for that hero. Then the hero would return to face the threat and
defeat it so that they can reclaim their heroic mantle. So overall heroes can’t
throw in the towel just yet, they are heroes that is what makes them so cool.

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