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King of Fighters XIII Gets DLC Support

The King of Fighters series, while generally less well-known in the
West than the all-conquering Street
and Tekken franchises,
has been grinding away in Japanese arcades for about fifteen years now.  The console adaptation of the latest game in
the series, King of Fighters XIII,
is set to hit the 360 on November 22nd, and developers ATLUS U.S.A have
confirmed their long-term commitment to the series by announcing a DLC plan for
the game alongside the release of a new trailer.

The most interesting piece of DLC announced is the addition
of a character from the popular King of
Fighters ’98
named “Lori with the Power of Flames”, which will set you back
400 Microsoft Points.  According to the
press release, “Other planned DLC includes a trio of system themes (two of
which will be made available at launch), a means to immediately unlock portions
of game content, and more.”  More
information on that will be released at a later date, but in the meantime,
check out the trailer below and get your fighting game thumbs warmed up!

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