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The Legion of Super-Heroes May Be Visiting One of DC’s Shows

"More than a hint may be on the way."

Earlier this week Variety revealed that Legends of Tomorrow would be getting a visit from Old West bounty hunter Jonah Hex, but DCTV might be set to introduce characters from the far flung future as well.

Legion of Super-Heroes
(Image via Comic Vine user 202122.)

After The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow panel at the Television Critics Association winter press tour over the weekend, DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns told reporters that “a hint of the [Legion of Super-Heroes]” will be seen on one of DC’s shows, adding that he “[loves] the Legion…and hopefully [they’ll] get them out there soon.”

From his comment, Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow are all fair game for this “hint.” However, some series are more obvious choices than others for the team’s potential physical introduction. DC might be hesitant to “retread” old ground by having the Legion of Super-Heroes interact with another member of the Super Family, as Johns wrote the Smallville episode “Legion” (which saw the live-action debut of team members Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy), and the Legion played a huge role in Clark’s development on the animated Legion of Super-Heroes. However, Supergirl might be wanting for a new love interest by the time the team is green-lit for an appearance, so we may very well see the storied pairing of Braniac 5 and Kara Zor-El. Countering all of that, though, Legends of Tomorrow’s time travel focus (and larger scope than The Flash) makes it the more logical choice.

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  • Irish Jim

    Well, Supergirl is a member of the LOSH, so it would make sense that they paid her a visit.
    There is no connection with Flash, Arrow or Gotham, so it would be very surprising if the LOS showed up on any of those shows.
    Rip Hunter is from the 25th century while the LOSH are from the 30th century. Would Hunter go that far into his future?
    The LOSH have much more powerful members that Rip and the Legends of Tomorrow, but they also have a large membership so the could interact with member with more modest powers.
    I love the LOSH. They were always my favorite comic book growing up. The Sun-eater – Fatal Five story still is my favorite story. It was revolutionary back then to have one of the heroes die – really die and stay dead.
    I would love to see them on the screen. I thought the Smallville episode was pretty lame. They didn’t do much and Clark still wasn’t using his powers much. It would have been great for the Legion to help Clark battle Darkseid.

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