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Magicka Receives Overhaul and New Content

Magicka, the popular ARPG in the vein of Diablo and Torchlight (But much sillierjust received a large engine overhaul and is going to get some brand-new content.
Arrowhead Studios, the development team behind the game, are pushing out this
update to address some of the larger concerns from their playerbase.

Players will find a number of
fixes from this update, which is free to anyone who has purchased Magicka. Fixes include things like
improved collision detection (to prevent players and monsters from falling
through the floor) reduction of the frame rate stuttering experienced by some
players, and a number of other more minor bug fixes.

With this engine update also
comes some improvements. Arrowhead is expanding the particle and light systems
in the game for better visual fidelity. Those playing solo now receive a “fairy
companion” who will resurrect them. Browsing for multiplayer games will also be
made easier with an improved server browser.

The newest expansion is titled The Stars are Left. It is inspired by the
Cthulhu mythos created by creepy author extraordinaire H.P. Lovecraft. Players
can likely expect a variety of strange, tentacle-faced monsters who hail from
beyond time and space to show humanity just how insignificant it is in the face
of the cosmos.  See the new gameplay video below.

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