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Metro has landed on Xbox.com

Today has seen the
unveiling of the new Metro style of the Xbox Live website. An update is
expected soon for the dashboard itself, but as of now the Xbox.com is designed
to show off what is to be expected from the new setup that has been dubbed
The new social link takes you to the Metro style setup and allows gamers to
connect with their friends on a deeper level. From this new setup you can now
activate and check on beacons, one of the new features. Beacons allow you to
set up a list of sorts that show others what you want to play. Finally,
the Zune functionality allows you to search and initiate TV and Video download
directly to your Xbox from any location.

As Metro rolls out, it will be interesting to see where this new look, much like
Windows 7, will take the console. With promised Cloud Saving and 100% Kinect functionality
yet to be launched, Metro has much more to show us all. 

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