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Microsoft Battles Pirates With “Silent” Update

Pirates, beware: Microsoft is once
again cracking down on pirates and their modded Xbox 360s, and it looks to be
extremely effective. The latest update, which happens without the user’s
consent, updates the console’s “dae.bin” file.

The update adds unique data to
each console, which allows Microsoft to flag consoles and trace the users who
distribute their dae.bin file. Users who play discs with the AP 2.5 disc
protection will immediately receive a flag on their console, which could then
lead to a ban. The update is said to be “silent,” installing automatically
without the user being aware of it. Once the update is complete, users who try
to play their pirated games will discover an “Unsupported disc” error. Further,
users will be banned from online multiplayer.

Back in 2009, it was reported that
Microsoft banned thousands of users for playing with modded consoles and
pirated games. With this recent silent update, expect Microsoft to be handing
out the banhammer at the same rate as in 2009.

Microsoft’s message is clear:
Buy the game legally, or face extreme consequences.

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