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Midweek Deals December 7

Just about all of the online digital distributors are in permanent sale mode for the rest of the year, but below is a compilation of what’s going today, Tuesday.  Direct2Drive.com is holding an Atari-themed week.  No not the Atari you remember from your childhood, but rather the new Atari which publishes games like Star Trek Online and Test Drive Unlimited; the latter you can get for half off at $9.95 today only. Remember that D2D is also holding a promotion where one in five orders is free.

Impulse driven is doing the “25 Days of Christmas” all month long, with a different Daily Deal.  Today’s deal is Sins of a Solar Empire at half off, or $9.99.  Impulse also has a smattering of other games on sale as well.

Steampowered.com has indie platformer Eets on sale at 75% off, for 2.50.  They’re also doing a Treasure hunt promotion which will give you a chance to win free games if you jump a few hoops by earning various achievements in certain Steam games.

GamesForWindows.com has two deals at the moment.  First is a weekly deal on World of Goo for 75% off, and you can get Max Payne 2 for 99¢ today only, which isn’t quire a good a deal as some of their recent 99¢ daily deals, but Max is still worth a buck.

Your best shot at a good deal today is over at GamersGate.com who are doing an awesomtacular trilogy of special deals.  First is their weekly “Holiday Gift Guide” sale with a bunch of games marked down 50-75% off.  A great pick here is Dead Space for $6.78.  They’re also doing a “3 for 4” sale which will let you buy three games, and get a fourth free in addition to the sale prices.

And GamersGate.com is holding a sale on every game in the prolific Europa Universalis franchise, everything in the series is at 70% off, which makes most of the games less than five dollars.  You can also get Complete and Gold editions which have multiple expansions.

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