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Midweek Sales Tuesday February 8

If you’re a Dawn of War fan, but you missed THQ’s big sale
over the weekend, you’re in luck, because Steam’s Midweek Sale is all about
Dawn of War.  You can get most of
the games in that series for half off, and there’s a Complete Collection with
some Steam exclusives for $59.99.

Steam is also selling the Railworks Complete DLC Pack for
81% off.  That brings it down to
$199.99.  That is not a typo!  All of the DLC for this games adds up
to over a thousand dollars.  So, if
you really, really like trains, and have a couple hundred bucks to drop, this
is the deal for you.

Direct2Drive.com is holding a week-long sale on 2K games,
with a different Daily Deal each day. 
Today it’s Bioshock 2 for $9.95. 
This will give you a chance to play trhough in time for the new
single-player DLC that’s (Finally) making its way to PCs.

GamersGate.com is selling the “Old School” RPG Eschelon for
half off, which comes out to $7.48 for Book 1, and $9.98 for Book 2 of that
series.  Gamer’s Gate also has
about twenty other games marked down at various discount.  Of note there is Aliens VS Predator for

ImpulseDriven.com doesn’t have much going on at the moment,
sale-wise, but they have announced that they’re carrying some old Interplay
titles, including the Fallout series. 
Have a look at this twenty dollar Fallout bundle which include the first
two games along with Fallout Tactics.

 We’ll give our Best Deal Of The Day award has to go to Steam
for that Railworks DLC Pack.  Who
else is offering a savings of over eight hundred dollars?

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