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Midweek Sales Tuesday March 8th

If I can draw your attention away from Dragon Age II for a minute, I’d like to tell you about some other games you might be interested in playing today.  Steampowered.com is selling Mafia II for 75% off, for their Midweek Madness sale. This makes the regular edition $7.50, and the Digital Deluxe Edition $10.00.  Alas, the various DLC packs are not marked down at all.  Steam is also selling the indie car combat game Crasher for 66% off which makes it $5.10.

A less interesting deal is available over at Amazon; they’re selling Test Drive Unlimited 2 for 30% off which makes it $27.99 for PC, or $34.99 for XBox/ PS3.  This deal is available today only.  ImpulseDriven.com has a Daily Deal on Darkfall: Lost Souls which is 75% off at $4.99.   GamersGate.com is still doing that titanic sale on 90 games to celebrate their 5th Anniversary.  You should definitely check that one out.  Every Tuesday is Two-Dollar Tuesday at Direct2Drive.com, and today only you can get  Blood Ties, Alien Shooter 2, or Luxor Amun Rising for two dollars, if you like.

While I presume that Luxor Amun Rising is a fine game, I’m still going to give our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY award to Steam for Mafia II.

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