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“Mortal Kombat” DLC Revealed

Even before its release, Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm
Studios has announced three characters that will be available as DLC for the
upcoming installment of its bloody fighter.

In an interview with CVG, Mortal Kombat producer Hans Lo revealed the
first two “kombatants” available through DLC will be Kenshi, a character from
previous Mortal Kombat titles, and Scarlet, a new female ninja.

While most Mortal Kombat fans are familiar with Kenshi, a blind,
sword-wielding fighter, Scarlet is a brand new character pulled from some old
arcade lore. Occasionally palette-swapped ninjas would appear due to a glitch
and would cause red ninjas to appear. The most famous of these was the
Scorpion/Sub-Zero clone Ermac, which ended up becoming an actual character in
the Mortal Kombat series. Now Kitana and Mileena’s previously unnamed
doppelganger has also become a reality.

Despite her palette-swapping background, Lo made it clear
that Scarlet, along with each new character, would be unique and have their own
moves, including x-rays and fatalities.

Also in the early planning stage for future DLC is Kintaro
from Mortal Kombat II

While no date has been set for the first round of DLC, Lo
said it would be “coming pretty soon post-launch,” and that as long as people
kept playing the game, they would continue to support it with add-on content.

Mortal Kombat is scheduled for release on April 19. 

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