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MyGamerCard.net Bids Farewell to the Xbox Community

One of the most prolific sites for the Xbox community has officially
called it quits. MyGamerCard.net was once used by over 5 million people
to display gamertags proudly on pages around the internet. Morgon, the
developer and founder of the site blames Microsoft itself for the
downfall of the site.
However, in the past few years, that love for community has been lost
by Microsoft. The closure of customer-to-company community-centric
interfaces (that weren’t tech support (no disrespect towards the awesome
was a huge blow for Xbox fans. Especially those who really felt like
they had a connection to the company they were spending their disposable
income on. Similarly, the Xbox Community Developer Program – the
program that was essentially created for MyGamerCard and a select
few similarly broad-minded community projects – stagnated, with
extremely few updates or new data features (despite constant requests),
and waning communication as Xbox was not allocating any time to the

To make matters worse, while most of us who insisted on playing by
the rules (Terms of Use) of the XCDP, others were showing their lack of
respect and selfishness by setting up ‘screen scraping’ mechanisms to
gather additional data from the Xbox website that are otherwise
unavailable to us. If you’ve ever been to Xbox.com and noticed how slow
it is – they are the reason why. These sites – some of them for-profit
corporations – benefit from having the type of information that the rest
of us had been asking for, which quickly started eating away at our
traffic. Repeated discussions with Microsoft regarding this issue have
gone largely unacknowledged (and certainly un-actioned) by anyone beyond
my initial contact.

Morgon even mentions that he has been running the site partially out of pocket for the past year, a testament to his love for the site. Regardless of the reasoning behind the demise of the site, it’s sad to see such an active part of the community get dismantled.

For Morgon’s entire statement check out the Farewell to MyGamerCard here.

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