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Natal Now Called Kinect and 360 Slim?

For anyone keeping up with Project Natal news they already knew that this wasn’t it’s official name and during a smaller conference last night they finally announce the real name, Kinect.  I don’t know why they decide to pick a name now after all this time and why they’re acting like it really matter but hey I don’t work at Microsoft.  They did mention some game to come out around the time Kinect will be out, here’s a quick overview of them. 

  • Joyride, a racing game that uses your hands to steer.
  • Kinect Sports, which will have Bowling, Boxing, Ping Pong, Track and Field, Soccer and Volley Ball.
  • Kinectimals which you can play with 20 different cats like including tigers and other dangerous cats.  Sounds … fun.
  • Kinect Adventures, which is a multiplayer river rafting game.
  • Dance Central which is obviously a dancing game being made by MTV.

Now this isn’t the official big Microsoft conference so it’s still very early and I hope to hear more real news because most of this news isn’t to shocking.  Not to mention these games are lack luster I want to hear about some real titles although I’m looking forward to Kinect Sports since if it’s even half as good as Wii Sports then it will be a hit.

Some bigger news that was leaked though is the 360 Slim that was unofficially announced.  It will include a 250 GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, and is compatible with Kinect, which likely means it will be included as a bundle when it comes out.  Of course this is unconfirmed by Microsoft but if it is true there’s a good chance it will be announced at there conference so make sure to check back to see if the rumors are true.

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