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NBA 2K12 Review

Let me get this out of the way so you won’t dismiss
this review as ignorant gushing. NBA
was the best sports game of all time. Period. End of story. With the classic
teams ranging from the Seattle Sonics to the rugged Detroit Pistons, it was a real
treat for both new and old NBA fans a like. Then they threw in the improved
graphics engine and the few core gameplay tweaks that helped refine the
experience. I honestly thought NBA 2K12 had no chance to match what NBA 2K11 accomplished, but I was wrong.
Once again, 2K Sports puts out another solid addition that is better than its predecessor.

of the things that fans of the series are going to notice right away is that
the gameplay is now at a fluid, organic pace. In previous versions, player
movements were often seamless, but were sometimes buckled by awkward animations. It could ruin the experience and make you realize that you were playing a game.
Now, the player movements are seamless and the animations have never been better.
All the animations in NBA 2K12 have
all been tuned to look identical to the person on court.

A big focus for this year’s game is the re-design of the post game.
All you have to do is press ‘Y’ to get into post. Hop step is now
a part of the shot stick, which gives the player more options to easily
dominate the court. It felt weird at first, but as time went on, I enjoyed this
year’s controller set-up more than last year’s setting. Much like the post game, the overall defense has been improved. No longer will AI run out of position, giving
up an easy bucket. Now players will deflect and steal passes if you’re not paying
attention who you’re passing it to.

Michael Jordan returns to be the cover athlete for NBA 2K12, but the story is really about who’s playing
with him this year. Sure, the Jordan Challenge feature was fun and the highlight for
many Chicago Bulls fans, but
NBA’s Greatest mode is the best sports mode ever. One of the few problems I had with
Jordan Challenge was the stat-tracking milestones you had to achieve. It
really took away from reliving and experiencing the Chicago Bulls as a unit or
the teams they played against. In NBA Greatest mode, they have done away with the
side objectives, creating an unforgettable experience.    

There is a 15 total legends you can play with, ranging from
favorites like Magic Johnson, Larry
, Shaq and Michael Jordan, to old superstars like Jerry West and Bill Russell. After you win
a match, you are awarded with the ability to let NBA’s Greatest players
face off against today’s superstars.  

The Highlight and
main attraction for me in NBA 2K12 is the presentation. It’s simply staggering
how they captured and recreated the best sports broadcasts in a game. In the
commentators’ booth, for the first time we have three play-by-play commentators, with
Steve Kerr joining an already stellar cast alongside Kevin Harlan and Clark
Kellogg. Steve Kerr gives real incite about your favorite
player with a dose of humor and brief Basketball trivia. 2K Sports has gone to
great lengths to present basketball games as they were presented during their era. I found it
odd to play Bill Russel’s Celtics in
the mid ‘60’s and have it presented in black and white, but it grew on me and I
found myself having a better appreciation for the NBA (please no lockout) and
how it has changed over time.

My Player, one of the most popular
modes in NBA 2K11, has received the most changes this year. If you thought My Player was impressive before,
then you’re going to be blown away by how much has changed. The gameplay has
been vastly improved, more accurately reflecting real-world gameplay. I
was drafted as a point guard for the Phoenix Suns. This time I was not
automatically given an important role like last year. I had to work my way
into the starting role, but because it’s more streamlined, the mode is
incredibly rewarding. 

New to the mode is player
contracts. You can know, bargain and control where you want to take your talents
during the off-season. Besides rookie contacts, you automatically have the
power to change a team into playoff contenders or be the missing piece to the
triangle offense. This plays into post-game interviews, something that has been
greatly expanded. Before, what you said to the press didn’t make a difference
on the court. Now, players won’t pass the ball to you if you call them out in
the press. It brings a little of an RPG aspect to the game. One of the few problems
that still remains with My Player Mode
is the cheesy AI. Far too often, the AI would storm back while my teammates acted
like Lebron James in the 4th quarter. Overall, My Player is a sweet gateway for
fans who can spend endless hours playing in this rich, deep mode.

Association Mode returns, but it’s
mostly the same, which is a good thing. Association Mode puts you in control of your favorite team. Thanks to a bump in
presentation values, Association Mode truly jumps off the screen. Trade AI is
smarter than ever and “it won’t be fooled again” (YEAAA). Commentating makes
playoff games seem important, as you eventually win an NBA championship. The newest addition to Association
Mode is the new online feature. Time will tell if online mode will be a success,
but I’m glad that 2K Sports have finally fleshed out online leagues. If the servers hold
up, this could keep players interested for a long time and turn it into a basketball
version of Madden’s Online Franchise

NBA 2K12 is a great game. By far the best basketball game I
have ever played. What I fear could hurt 2k Sports is the impending NBA lockout.
With a lack of roster updates arriving, many will soon be turned off, muting how great NBA 2K12 is. That would be sad to see, because many would be
missing out on one of the most complete games on the market. I would recommend
this to anyone, sports fans and non-sports fans alike. The sheer amount of high quality content on here is
exceptional. NBA 2K12 is a must have for basketball fans this holiday season.  


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