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Playstation Unveils New “Long Live Play” Program; Marks Return of Kevin Butler

This morning on the Playstation blog, a new advertising
campaign was announced that hopes to capture gamers of all walks of life. The
“Long Live Play” campaign marks the return of the fan-favorite Kevin Butler
character to the Playstation Network. 
His other two campaigns (“Dear Playstation” and “It Only Does
Everything”) were wildly popular and made it possible to have the PS3 available
in 50 million homes worldwide. 

Until this point, the PS3 had a niche audience, so the
unveiling of this program is most likely to capture the casual market that has
until this point been largely on the Wii and Xbox 360.  Now that the system has dropped to
$249.99 for a 160 GB product, it seems like Playstation is trying to end strong
and have a nice transition to the next generation of systems, whenever they may
be coming. 

While nothing was really announced outside of the
introduction of this campaign, it should be interesting to see whether or not
this last push will end up increasing the sales of the PS3.  The last declaration in the news brief
on the blog was that we as gamers should stay tuned, because soon they will “be
turning the spotlight back on you”. 
Whatever that means, I think that we can all rejoice with a little bit
more Kevin Butler in our lives.

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