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‘Puss’ Towers Over ‘Heist’ at Box Office

Almost matching its opening weekend of $34 million dollar for dollar, Puss in Boots  stayed on top for another week with an estimated $33
million, giving it a two-week total of $75.5 million. Nothing new attracted families
this week, so a well-received spinoff from a popular brand (that many people
missed anyways due to busy Halloween weekend) made the saucer-eyed kitty an easy

Puss in Boots grossed slightly
below newcomer Tower Heist on Friday before exploding 93.6
percent on Saturday, shattering even the most optimistic sophomore predictions.
After a huge pounce in Russia
last week, “Puss” dipped by just a few million there as well, which contributes
to an early worldwide total of $114.5 million.

Failing to meet
expectations in second, however was the broad caper comedy Tower
which made away with $25.1 million for Universal and a $7,455 per theater average. Pundits had this one at $30 million on the low end, but even with
surprisingly good reviews and plenty of starpower from Ben Stiller and Eddie
Murphy, audiences were hesitant and powered the Brett Ratner-directed
flick to only a mid-level opening among popcorn heist films. Another $9.5 million came
from 23 overseas markets as well. Domestically, audience reaction was also
right down the middle with a “B” CinemaScore, but I would expect this one to
play well in coming weeks.


Smoking two joints before
they smoked two joints was the lovable duo of Harold and Kumar in the aptly
titled A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, which debuted in third
with $13.1 million. This was up from the original which became a sleeper hit
after a $5.5 million debut, but down from “Escape from Guantanamo Bay’s”
$14.9 million start in 2008. The brand nevertheless has held up well over its
eight-year tenure and for a low-brow, stoner 3D Christmas movie (that did not
debut close to Christmas) it’s a respectable, if not brow-raising, showing.

The Top Ten

1. Puss in Boots – $33M
(weekend)…$75.5 (gross)
2. Tower Heist – $25.1M…$25.1M
3. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas –
4. Paranormal Activity 3 –
5. In Time – $7.7M…$24.0M
6. Footloose –
7. Real Steel –
8. The Rum Diary –
9. The Ides of March –
10. Moneyball –

Again thanks to improved
weather and a lack of ghouls roaming the streets, cinema-goers flocked out to
see what they missed last weekend as all the remaining films in the top ten saw
great holds.

Paranormal Activity 3 stabilized after its second weekend crash dropping
53 percent which equated to an $8.5 million weekend and $95.3 million gross. The
low-budget scare-fest is still on track to become the highest grossing of the
bunch and has collected a towering $172.4 million globally.

Justin Timberlake and co.
managed to steal a few more hours of life thanks to a small dip of 36.6 percent for In Time
after a so-so debut last week. Faring even better across boarders, the sci-fi
thriller has taken in $38 million over two weeks, with Fox predicting a $100
million international run. The Rum Diary
also held up decently, but that won’t help its embarrassing $10.4 million take
over 10 days.

The real story from the
international market is the domination of The
Adventures of Tintin
, which in two weeks has amassed a colossal $125.3
million ahead of its North American debut. With many markets still to open and
the holidays looming, this Steven Spielberg-directed adventure could turn out
to be one the year’s biggest smashes.

Three vastly different
films debut next week in theaters starting with a mid-week launch from Clint
Eastwood’s J. Edgar starring Leonardo
DiCaprio. After beginning in just seven houses, on Friday it will balloon to
1,900. Adam Sandler will test his comedic skills in drag with Jack and Jill which rolls into an
aggressive 3,000-plus theaters. Finally, visual stylist Tarsem Singh will get his 300 mojo on with the mythical action
flick Immortals, which slices into
3,000 cinemas.


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