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RAGE: Welcome to Jackal Canyon

The sixth and final gameplay trailer for Bethesda and iD
Software’s RAGE was released yesterday,
showing off seven minutes of footage of an in-game mission. In this video, the player is tasked
with recovering a valuable data decrypter from a place called Jackal Canyon,
home to a particular clan of bandits.

Borderlands comparisons are, by
this point, unnecessary. The vehicle combat certainly looks a lot like the vehicle
combat in Borderlands, but it also
seems weightier and slightly more realistic, perhaps due to the more visually
polished environment that it’s taking place in. 
Once the player reaches the aforementioned Jackal Canyon, we begin to
get more of a feel for how a mission in RAGE
will play out.

As the video begins, we follow the player over a bridge towards the
bandit stronghold.  The first thing I
noticed was that the environments look a lot denser and more cluttered than in Fallout 3 or Borderlands. There’s more going on, perhaps due to the
strengths of the idTech engine, and the zip-lines and elevated platforms give it
a great sense of verticality that similar areas in Borderlands never had.  The
video also shows off a good number of environmental hazards that look to make
your progress through the stronghold a little more complicated, including
explosive barrels and bomb-balloons.

In short, while RAGE does look quite similar to other post-apocalyptic first-person
shooters, it seems as though Bethesda and iD have sought to put
enough of a new spin on it to make it a fun addition to the genre.  To those of you in America who picked up the
game on release day, how’s it holding up, and should we Europeans
grab it on the 7th?

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