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‘Skyfall’ Adds McCrory and Rapace to Latest Bond Film

As if to make up for the months of radio-silence,
news on James Bond’s latest adventure continues to pour out, with the latest
announcement being the addition of Helen McCrory and Ola Rapace to the cast. The
news is quick on the heels of MGM’s big conference Saturday, which confirmed
long-standing rumors that the 23rd “Bond” movie would be called Skyfall and that Javier Bardem would be
playing the film’s villain.

savvy viewers may remember McCrory for her role as Cherie Blair in both The Queen and The Special Relationship, though more will likely know her for her
role as Narcissa Malfoy in the last three “Harry Potter” movies. Rapace is
perhaps more recognizable for his last name, having been recently divorced from
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star
Noomi Rapace, though his credits in his home of Sweden are extensive.

no word on what their roles will be
, but McCrory and Rapace are joining what
could be the busiest “Bond” film yet, with Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney and Ben
also tied to yet unrevealed parts. That’s not even including new Bond
Girl Bérénice
and franchise stalwart Judi Dench, who’s role as MI6 head M is
rumoured to have expanded. The project has been generating a lot of buzz as of
late, which should be welcome news to MGM considering that the franchises’
future was in question only a year ago.      

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