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Sony Wants Mark Romanek For ‘Lost Symbol’ Adaptation

Vinci Code
sequel The Lost Symbol is inching closer to the big screen, as Deadline reports that Sony Pictures has been eyeing Mark Romanek to fill the director’s
chair for the next Robert Langdon adventure.

Romanek’s past credits include One Hour Photo and last year’s critically well-received Never Let Me Go. He would be taking over for Ron Howard who will stay on in a producing capacity.

Released with record-breaking sales in 2009, The
Lost Symbol
 is the latest in author
Dan Brown’s popular series of historical conspiracy-thrillers. Brown himself
will be writing the screenplay, his first to be produced, and the film will
feature Tom Hanks reprising his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. The
newest entry will continue the improbably exciting adventures of the university
professor as he tangles with a psychotic Freemason in Washington D.C. while
presumably discovering numerous hidden messages scattered across the dollar bills
in your pocket. 

The series has a lengthy reputation for irking religious
and historical communities, with critics citing Brown’s tendency to distort scientific
and historical accuracy for the sake of his books. It’s a tactic that
nonetheless has paid off, as the films collectively have made more than $1
billion globally, a measure of the series’ popularity further evidenced by The Lost Symbol becoming the fastest-selling adult novel of all-time. The film adaptation is expected to get underway in

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