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Spring Fever Sales Come Back to PSN

Now that the weather is
finally starting to ease up for most of us, Sony is having a Spring Fever Sale on PlayStation Network. The sale, going on
through March 14, includes discounts on a number of popular PS3 and PSP titles. Each week featured games will be on sale 30% off in the PlayStation Store and 50% off for PlayStation Plus Subscribers.
Games included in this week’s sale are:

Castle Crashers (PS3)
(Regular price $14.99) Sale price $10.49, Plus price

Dead Nation (PS3)

(Regular price $14.99) Sale price $10.49, Plus
price $7.50

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)

(Regular price $39.99) Sale price $27.99, Plus
price $20.00

Age of Zombies (mini)

(Regular price $4.99) Sale price $3.49, Plus
price $2.50

The Spring Fever Sale lasts
through April 12, with new sale items posted each week.
Look for these items on sale soon:

Eat Them!
Savage Moon: Hera Campaign

Tetris (PS3)

Top Darts

ara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Battle Island

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