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The Best Black Friday Sales for Xbox 360

Are you looking to buy a new Xbox at one of the big sales
this weekend? What about a recent AAA game at half price, or maybe an old hit
that you never got around to.  We
looked through all of the retailers and online sales to find the best Xbox
deals for Black Friday and are here with our recommendations on how you should
spend your Xbucks this week.

Buying your first Xbox, or maybe upgrading to a newer
model?  Microsoft has a new Holiday
bundle that includes the 250GB Xbox, copies of Fable III and Halo: Reach, plus a 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Card.  You can get it for $200 at Best Buy, which is a hundred
dollars less than some of the other retailers are asking.

If you don’t really need those 250 gigs of storage, and just
want the console on the cheap, we recommend Target which has the 4 gig model
for $140.

Walmart has a good deal on an Xbox bundle of their own; you
can get the 4 Gig Xbox, plus a copy of Gears of War 3, and a $50 gift card.  The catch is that this is part of their midnight Doorbuster
event and you’ll have to be part of the crazy mob in front of Walmart an
Midnight on Thanksgiving.

Best Buy comes out on top again with the Kinect, selling it
bundled with The Gunstringer and Fruit
for $99.99.

If you don’t mind a refurbished model, though Gamestop will
let you grab one for $70.

If you’re buying gifts for yourself, just grab some XBLA
games.  There are quite a few
things on sale for Fan Appreciation week, but the highlights include:  Magic the Gathering Duels 2012 for 400 Microsoft points, Super Meat
for 400, Stacking for 600, and The Baconing for 600.

Recent Blockbuster Games:  Some notable sales include:

Assassin’s Creed Revelations is available for $34.99 at Best Buy, who also have Gears of War 3 at

Target is giving a $10 gift card with several AAA games,
including Skyrim, which you buy anyway.

Batman Arkham City
can be found at Walmart for $28 (Or $29.99 at Best Buy)

Gamestop has some doozies including LA Noire for $20 and Rage for $30.

If you’re too bloated with turkey to make it out of the
house, Amazon has a series of video game lightning deals that rotate all day
long, here’s a handy link to their Xbox deals.


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