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Three Villains You Love to Read in Comics

Villians are what make any book, movie, video game, comic
book, and TV show great.  We love to hate
them and in some cases we love to root for them.  Without these adversaries our stories would
be bland and uninteresting and without any villains our favorite heros would
be out of a job. Everyone will have there personal favorites, but today I am
going to tackle what I think are three influential villains to read in comic books.

Love him or hate him Sinestro is a
fun read in any Green Lantern storyline.  
What makes Sinestro so interesting is that he never believes he is
wrong.   A perfect example of that would
be in Secret Origins in Green Lantern. When Hal was learning to use his ring,
Sinestro was there every step in the way with him constantly correcting him
and pointing out mistakes.  His
overconfidence is another reason I enjoy reading this character.  The guy believes that he can take on an
entire army and win or that he is the best and the right person for any
job.  A prime example of this was in Blackest
Night were the lanterns were looking for who might be the chosen white lantern
and Sinestro took it upon himself to be the chosen one.  Reading this at first, I was so upset because
Sinestro had no qualities that resembled what a white lantern could be, but
yet I realized that is how Sinestro acts and my reaction is just exactly what
the writer wanted, making him a fun character to read.

Red Skull
Captain America’s main villain is
probably one of my favorite reads in comics. 
What makes the Red Skull into a great read is how elaborate his entire plan is
in any situation.  Whether he is trying
to kill Captain America or whether he is trying to take over the world. The Red
Skull is a very calculated and prefers to use his smarts over physical force.  Even if he has to do physical force he much
rather have hired hands to do his bidding and when that fails he doesn’t mind
getting his hands dirty against his foe. 
A great example of all this would be Captain America Reborn.  In this story, Red Skull has this huge plan
of plucking Steve Rogers out of time and then take Steve’s body as his own and
become an evil Captain America. The complexity of his plan in the story is what
made me enjoy reading this evil character.

Ultimate Hulk
I know, I know. Hulk is not
really a villain, but for some reason whenever The Ultimates are out on a mission half the time its to stop The Hulk. The Hulk is seen as a “bad guy”, and whenever there is a chance for Hulk to actually
fight with other heroes I am all in and ready to enjoy the awesome action that
will ensue.  Hulk is
basically a big monster, and who doesn’t like to watch monster just tear everything
around them into rubble and then see that monster stomp on a horde of people
that are trying to stop him and just fail at their attempt to bring them
down.  This is why I enjoy the Hulk in
those situations. The book were I really got to enjoy this most
was in the first six issues of the original Ultimates that was written by Mark
Millar. Man! Hulk really just beat everybody down and the way he did them also
was probably the most insane thing about it. 
He tore Iron Man up like a tin can, he just obliterated Thor and then
Captain America tried to slowed him down and got punished by the big gray giant. It literally took team work to take this guy
down from how insanely powerful Hulk is in the Ultimate Universe making Hulk
one of my favorite “villains” to read. 

Well, that about does it for my favorite villains
in comics to read.  If you want to
share your favorite villains to read, come visit our forums and tell us who are
some of your favorite villains to read in comics, or you can also leave a
comment below this feature.   Happy reading!

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