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Time Machine: Rogue Pilot Announced for PSN

Lesta Studio has just announced that Time Machine: Rogue
will be coming to the Playstation Network. According to the International
Affairs Manager of Lesta Studio, Lucy Khatajaeva; Time Machine: Rogue Pilot is
in the final stages of development, which is very exciting for the studio. This
will be the first ever Playstation 3 title developed by Lesta Studio.

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot promises a brand new approach to
the puzzle game genre, mixed with story mode missions, several bonus game
modes, and a multiplayer mode that can be played either offline or online with
friends, all in full high definition.

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot Screenshot

Additional game modes is set to suit any puzzle-lover; such
as Time Rush, where you need to destroy as many tiles as possible before you
run out of time, and Puzzle mode, where you must destroy all tiles with a
limited number of moves.

Lucy Khatajaeva says “Time Machine: Rogue Pilot combines all
my favourite elements from the “match three” and hidden object genre, combined
with full HD graphics and a great soundtrack. Your task is to time travel
through different eras to fix the past and save the future.”

In regards to the back-story, the plot is built around an
old professor, who built a Time Machine, which is then stolen by the main
antagonist known as Jack, with a sole purpose of bringing chaos to the world.
However, the main protagonist, llona, is brave enough to follow Jack in his
time-travel adventure to fix the past and save the world from upcoming

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot will land for a spring 2011
release on the Playstation Network.

Here is the official trailer:

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