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Trailer Tracker: Apollo 18, Arthur and More

Will the found-footage
genre be able to make a successful transition from horror to sci fi? Make your
own decision as the skin-crawling outer space mockumentary Apollo 18 graces the Trailer Tracker universe this week, also serving as our featured trailer. For those looking for laughs over screams, Russell Brand
does what he does best in the first clip for the remake Arthur about an immature playboy forced to grow up or lose his
luxurious lifestyle. Continuing to bolster the standing of two of the biggest
young stars (talents by the names of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman) Hesher, the Sundance darling, moves
closer to a release with its first official trailer. Finally, those feeling the
spring fever should swoon for Something
, another entry of the popular wedding-themed romcom. Please say
“I do” – it’s Trailer Tracker.

New trailers this week:
Apollo 18
Something Borrowed

Apollo 18

apollo18picThe intrigue of Duncan
Moon, the horrors of Pandorum and the found footage tropes of
Paranormal Activity collide in Apollo 18, the ultra low-budget sci-fi offering
from director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego who makes his English-language debut. The
not-too-low-budget teaser for
The Dark of the Moon
also explored hidden secrets about Earth’s largest satellite (although that time involved the Apollo 11 conspiracy), so don’t be surprised if we see a new sub-genre trend arise. Apollo 18 revolves around mounting problems experienced by the crew of the titular lunar expedition as things not of Earth promise they will never see Terra Firma again. 

The trailer promises the
claustrophobic atmosphere that works best in this style of film, and with
no-name actors, a unique setting and more than enough opportunity to scare the
moon dust out of you, this could be a little gem when it releases this coming April. Timur
Bekmambetov, the director of Wanted, serves as producer here; usually when
you see a bigger name attached to a small production, that bodes well for the
quality of the product. As the title sequence ominously explains, “There is a
reason we’re never gone back”. But if the eventual feature is as good as the
trailer, we might all go back for


Russell Brand has done a
great job propelling himself to leading man material in the last few years
after garnering a name in the comedy world with scene-stealing work in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and anchoring
the eventual spin-off Get Him to the Greek
from producer Judd Apatow. Now Brand will both voice the Easter Bunny in
the surprisingly decent-looking kidpic Hop
and of course eccentric playboy Arthur Bach in the remake of the 1981 film of
the same name. Even though the supporting cast includes the likes of Helen
Mirren and Jennifer Garner, it will be an uphill battle to match the financial
and critical success of the original. Surely the inclusion of director Jason
Winer (who helmed thirteen episodes of Modern Family) will help. 


Hot celebs Joseph
Gordon-Levitt (the titular Hesher) and Natalie Portman (Nicole) are joined by a
bearded Rainn Wilson as Paul (his second furry role to be releases this year
after Peep World) and relative
newcomer Devin Brochu as T.J. in this new film. It is a Sundance dramedy about the bizarre dynamic that forms between the
aforementioned players. Hesher found a few raving fans following its debut at South By Southwest 2010, particularly for its leads and darkly
eccentric and ultimately unique tone. Having searched for a release date since
its festival debut, Hesher is
supposed to finally find a home this April. Considering the talent on
display and the originality of the trailer, it is hard not to be intrigued. Note: Spencer Sussman, the director, said this trailer was not made/endorsed by him and not completely reflective of the film, so be on the lookout for something more official shortly.

Something Borrowed

Despite having a huge crush on the adorable Ginnifer Goodwin, another wedding-themed
comedic offering is not my idea of a good time. Kate Hudson and John Krasinski
also star as friends (and couples) who play the ol’ game of switcheroo as the
big day grows close which puts long-time bonds to the test (duh duh duhhhh). This
is based on the book of the same name from popular novelist Emily Giffin, so
expect a solid turnout at the theatres by those of the estrogen persuasion. Well,
them and their unlucky significant other. 

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