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Trailer Tracker: Chronicle, The Devil Inside and More

Hot on the heels of the
massive success that was Paranormal
Activity 3
, we feature two more of the same horror sub-genre with the shaky-cam
spin on the superhero genre, Chronicle,
and the exorcist fright-fest The Devil
. In a league all of its own is the sequel to the surprisingly well-received Piranha 3D, the (probably)
aptly titled Piranha 3DD. Trailers
four and five however are both war-centric prestige dramas, beginning with the
Angelina Jolie-directed In the Land of
Blood and Honey
. Lastly is the Christian Bale-led The Flowers of War about the Nanking Massacre in 18th century China.
No violence here, only good vibes – it’s Trailer Tracker.


New clips this week:
The Devil Inside
Piranha 3DD
In the Land
of Blood
and Honey
The Flowers of War


In the last few years,
superhero film deconstructions have become almost as numerous as the genre from
which they draw inspiration, if not nearly as popular. Some films such as Kick-Ass, Super and Defendor have
gained recognition for their spin on our favorite spandex-clad heroes, and now
Chronicle aims to carve out its own
niche in the burgeoning brand. The plot goes as such: After suddenly gaining
telekinetic powers after a supernatural encounter, three high school friends
find that the initial novelty of such gifts is a mixed blessing and witness
their lives quickly spiralling out of control. From first-time director Josh
Trank and fresh-faced screenwriter Max Landis, Chronicle carries a gritty, truly real-world vibe which is
certainly a new vein to explore in the realm of gifted individuals.


Though marketed as a found-footage film, it looks more in the vein of Cloverfield
or even a close-up camera style utilized in fare akin to 28 Days Later, not so much The
Blair Witch Project
. Regardless of the technique, the premise looks
darn cool. The special effects, which were done for a mere $15 million, look
stellar and the fresh talent all round (including the small cast) only gives
cause for optimism. Chronicle will be
one of the first movies of the new year, debuting Feb. 3; it certainly has rocketed to the top
of my “most intrigued” list, a solid feat considering I had not even heard of
this movie before the trailer debuted.

The Devil Inside

Playing before Paranormal Activity 3 in many theaters this past weekend, it
is safe to say this exorcism found-footage feature garnered just as many
screams and nervous chatter as did the main attraction. Exorcism horror films
continue to be a popular choice among cinema-goers with very recent examples The Last Exorcism and The Rite both performing admirably. In The Devil Inside, a woman travels to Italy to visit a
mental hospital patient who allegedly murdered three people during her own
exorcism, but instead becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms in
her quest. This sinister-looking trailer promises scares, but if this
independent production can bring anything new to a genre that has been absorbed
of all its originality remains to be seen.

Piranha 3DD

Double Ds, shotgun legs
and David Hasselhoff – what more could you want in a movie? The prehistoric
piranhas are back in this creature feature sequel, though this time without
director Alexandre Aja and most surviving members of its original cast. Those
changes notwithstanding, the original was a ton of fun, a horror movie that
gleefully embraced its roots – and then chopped the penis off them. This
trailer looks more like one of those features of the fake persuasion that
accompanied Grindhouse than an actual
movie, but if it can even be half as much fun as the first, count me in for a

In the Land
of Blood
and Honey

If you’re looking for a
hard sell, you need only look towards In
the Land of Blood and Honey
, a drama set during the Bosnian War about a hardened
sniper and a woman on the opposite side of the conflict (oh and it’s directed
by Angelina Jolie. Better get your advanced tickets now). Unwarranted snideness
aside, I really do think this film looks quite good; a blend of realistic
wartime skirmishes with a doomed romance at its core. This may not be a
feel-good romp, but looking at Jolie’s track record lately it is clear she is an
individual of many talents. Expect an interesting film, if not one that many
people seek out. “Blood and Honey” debuts in limited release Dec. 23.

The Flowers of War

From one conflict to
another, Christian Bale plays a priest surrounded by a massacre in 1937
China as he tries to protect a group of young girls (by replacement) with
masquerading sex-trade workers. University students and other important
individuals are the aim, intent on avoiding the invading Japanese. This $90-million epic is directed by the superb Yimou Zhang (Hero, House of Flying Daggers), so expect not only a visual treat but a well-rounded story of conflict and
honor. The film has already been selected as China’s official entry to the 84th Academy Awards.

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