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Trailer Tracker: Harold & Kumar Christmas, Coriolanus and more

Deck the halls with bags of pot, everyone’s favorite odd couple is back for a third round of medicated antics in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (oh and Neil Patrick Harris may make an appearance). Also, Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler star in the Shakespearian war-drama Coriolanus (also directed by Fiennes) about an exiled war hero who aligns with his enemy to take back the city that wronged him. Puncture finds Captain America himself, Chris Evans, as a drug addict lawyer caught in the middle of a more-complex-than-expected case involving a powerful pharmaceutical firm and the then we look at the teaser for the period horror film The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe, which just broke and seems to offer plenty of potent chills. Capping things off is the indie satire The Smell of Success with Billy Bob Thorton and Ed Helms about a passionate manure salesman who must align with his new uptight boss. Can you smell that? It’s Trailer Tracker — and the scent is wonderful.

New clips this week:
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
The Woman in Black
The Smell of Success


A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

From greasy burgers to a
dingy prison cell, stoners Harold Lee and Kumar Patel have likely been through
more adventures on their first two “quests” than the sum of the average
person’s entire life. Now, the holiday season is upon us with the third entry
in the cult franchise as a now-estranged duo eventually unites after Kumar
burns down Harold’s family Christmas tree. From there it’s off to find an apt
replacement (no doubt with a few bumps along the way). The first “Kumar” flick
was a surprise to audiences and critics alike; bringing a new light (pun
intended) to the genre and again in 2008, the average Joe found a lot to like in
the follow-up comedy. After the fun that was the first two, I have a feeling
that third time will not be the charm for this franchise but who can be a total
pessimist around the holidays?


The trailer seems very
teaser-like as none of the central plot is touched upon, but who really cares
about a proper ramp-up concerning a film like this. Before his resurgence
thanks to How I Met Your Mother,
hosting gigs, Emmy wins and TV guest appearances, Neil Patrick Harris was a
highlight of these movies’ setup as a foul-mouthed, womanizing version of
himself to great effect. Despite his shift in stature (and possibly fatal
encounter at a brothel), the man is back for a third helping of Christmas brownies
(the movie would not have been the same without him). “Harold 3” oddly hits
theatres Nov. 4.



From Schindler’s List to playing the evil wizard Voldemort in the
unstoppably popular “Harry Potter” series, Ralph Fiennes is a man of many
talents and an all round superb thespian. He stretches said skill set with Coriolanus, his directorial debut, which is a
modern retelling of Shakespeare’s play of the same name, where a war hero
(Fiennes) is banished from Rome (the city he once protected) and ultimately
turns to an enemy (played by Gerard Butler) to help enact his revenge. The
trailer screams a fantastically unique blend of a classic tragedy with a fiery
war epic, all with a modern twist. Early reviews have been glowing since its
release at the 61
st Berlin Film Festival, so chalk up one for Fiennes
and his daring project. 


Now getting some buzz
following the success of Captain America: The
First Avenger
, Chris Evans next stars in Puncture, where he plays a functioning drug addict and
atypical defense attorney at a small firm who takes a case far out of his
league. Supposedly based on a true story, Puncture
will debut at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and in addition to that and Evans’
rising starpower, this could be a good time to push this film after the
surprise sleeper success that was The
Lincoln Lawyer
made the courthouse drama interesting again. From the
trailer alone, Evans seems to be have a good time in the role of quirky dude
blindsided and has proven to be a charismatic individual when given the right
role. This combo of action and intrigue could be a solid follow-up project for
the man.

The Woman in Black

The haunted house movie is
in full swing this year after the indie smash that was Insidious and with Paranormal
Activity 3
, Dream House and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark still to
come. The Woman in Black, starring
Daniel Radcliffe, scores the crown of by far the creepiest and most effective trailer, using old-school tactics which include a ominous poem read by a little
girl over the clips duration. “The Woman” very much evokes The Others from 2001, especially with the period look, haunted
house motif and cerebral, bloodless frights. I was always interested in this
project but it has now rocketed to the upper heights of upcoming films. See the “Harry Potter” alumnus star this ghostly endeavour Feb. 10.

The Smell of Success

Success smells like shit
to me. That’s because in The Smell of
Billy Bob Thorton plays a manure salesman forced to work with the
uptight heiress of his former boss played by Tea Leoni. Having been shelved
since way back in 2009, I nevertheless think this project looks interesting,
with its 1960s setting, odd 300-like
color-wash tone and supporting characters including the wonderful Ed Helms. “Smell”
is directed and scripted by Michael Polish who led such works as Twin Falls Idaho and The Astronaut Famer, so if those were
your cup of crap, keep an eye out for what is sure to be an upcoming limited



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