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Twisted Metal Release Date Confirmed

David Jaffe confirmed the firm release date for Twisted Metal is February 14, Valentine’s Day, 2012.

On the official PlayStation Blog Jaffe posted a “romantic” video announcing the new date for the game’s release along with a tease about an upcoming trailer featuring the titles of another faction leader (with the first being the iconic Sweet Tooth) named Dollface.  Twisted Metal was originally set to release this year but was pushed to 2012 for the usual game development reasons.  It is nice to know that the game has an official release date.

In the video, Jaffe has fun saying:  “What I predict is gonna happen is you’re going to have people going out
to very romantic dinners, and then coming home and playing the crap out of
local split-screen, and then obviously we know what’s gonna happen after that,
because there’s nothing more romantic than blowing your significant other up
with a maniacal demonic ice cream truck.”

Clearly meant to be a joke, I think it’s quite
funny.  Why not release a game about maniacs with tricked out
vehicles on the most romantic day of the year?  It makes perfect sense!?

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