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Ways To Stay Safe in Skyrim

Sometimes it’s hard to make good first impressions. In most
cases, first impressions determine how people will judge you from then on. In
Skyrim, this is no exception. You may be the last Dragonborn, but sometimes
it’s wise to just keep to yourself. Skyrim’s a big and dangerous place, full of
dangerous people. Here’s a quick run through of how to avoid trouble.

Choose your race and perks wisely. Although the class styles
of previous Elder Scrolls games are a thing of the past, make sure you think
about how your chosen race is going to benefit from your particular playing style. Don’t
choose the khajiit if your choice is purely based on the fact you can’t think
of anything cooler than ripping things to shreds as a giant cat. You can’t push
in the analogue stick and sharpen your fists, but you are equipped with a spell
that makes seeing dark dungeons a hell of a lot easier. Sounds like the ideal
race for players who spend too much of their time skulking around in dark
dungeons, doesn’t it?  The absence of set
class leveling means you level up according to your playing style, so make
sure you take the time to level up the other skills you won’t develop naturally.
How many of us played through Fallout: New Vegas without leveling up the unarmed
skill, only to get our asses handed to us when the DLC content came out?
There will be times when you find yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s at
times like these you’ll have wished you leveled up those skills that you never
thought you would have needed. This is Bethesda we’re talking about,
after all; those guys always seem to be full of surprises when you least expect

This isn’t limited to your usual combat skills either.
Alchemy, cooking, smithing; all these things benefit you as a player, so make
sure you can try and put some time aside to level them up. Smithing
and alchemy create a sense of ease when you find yourself on a path of
destruction and want to tear enemies from limb to limb. Fighting someone that
looks flammable? Come prepared by casting a fire enchantment on your weapon.
A high smithing level will see you creating stronger weapons and both skills
see a quick route to making easy cash, and in Skyrim, cash is something you never
want to be too short on. A high speech level is going to make obtaining money a
lot easier, whilst lockpick and pickpocketing make it a LOT more fun.

Like nearly all Bethesda games, you’re pretty much granted a
loose reign from the beginning of your quest. You’re free to do as you see fit.
Too much freedom can sometimes lead to trouble. Randomly butchering the odd civilian
now and again may seem hilarious to you, but it’s obviously going to leave their friends and family distraught. A peaceful day in the family home has
been ruined by a mad man playing tennis with fireballs in the front room. Make
friends with the right people or it could be far too easy making enemies with
the wrong ones. Joining certain guilds is going to have a dramatic impact on
the NPCs’ impressions of you. If you consider yourself the charismatic type who
likes to be friendly with as many people as possible, maybe it’s best to avoid
the Dark Brotherhood, who in traditional Dark Brotherhood fashion, will have
you killing almost everything.

Enemies: everyone has
them. Some are best avoided. While most enemies you encounter will
attack you on sight, the bigger and more powerful ones will ignore your
presence unless you feel a desire to make yourself known, mammoths and giants
being one main example. Think about why they’re not attacking you. Look at your size compared to them. If your character’s a low level, it’s probably
best to let them be on their way. Why not try and make some friends? You’re the last of the Dovahkiin, but that doesn’t mean you
can kill dragons by just clicking your fingers. Sometimes you’ll find yourself
needing help. Lure a dragon close enough to a nearby town and the locals
will obviously want rid of it. As they say, many hands make light work.
After the dragon and many of the town’s inhabitants are dead, convince yourself
that they were doing it purely because you’re their friend. They were risking
their lives to save their best Dovahkiin mate. Surely it had nothing to do with
the impending annihilation of their town.


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