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Weekend Sales October 22nd

You can become the night for 66% off with these weekend sales.  Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition is marked down to $13.60 at SteamPowered.com.  This is the GOTY version with several extra challenge missions.  It’s a great deal on a spectacular game, and the PC version has spawned a small modding community who make alternate outfits for your caped crusader to wear as he battles evil.

Alternate fan-made costume by StalkerUKCG on the Eidos forums

Speaking of supervillains, Games For Windows Live has a weekly deal.  They’ve decided to stop being evil long enough to sell Grand Theft Auto IV for a whopping 75% off its already low price, which means you can pick GTA IV up for just $3.75 from now until next Thursday.  Keep this up GFWL and we’ll forgive you for hiding our game save files, and Fallout DLC.

ImpulseDriven.com has a bunch of weekend “Impulse Buys” including FIFA Soccer 10 for $14.99.  But they are also selling an interactive comic book Exile for just $2.40.  The comic also includes a minigame and might be worth a look for gamers who want something cheap and different.

Direct2Drive.com has a special promotion on all of their First Person Shooters; enter the code “LOCKNLOAD”  and you’ll get ten percent off any FPS, along with a few Shooter/RPG hybrids like Mass Effect

Gog.com has a sale on everything by Anuman Interactive which includes both games in the popular adventure series Syberia.  You can buy all 8 Anuman games at half off, which comes out to $35.92, or you can buy the games individually for 30% off (Which makes most of them about $6.99).  Gog has also added Age of Wonders II to their catalogue.  It’s not on sale, but that’s not a bad price on this fantasy/ strategy/RPG.

Amazon is having a Friday-only sale on Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4.  It’s marked down to $19.49 and they’re also discounting it on other platforms as well.

GamersGate.com is still celebrating Multiplayer Week, with good price breaks on Co-op games.  The catch is that you will need to buy multiple copies of some of these to get the deal (So you can share with your friends).

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