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The Witcher III: Blood and Wine Expansion Trailer and Release Date Announced

"A combination that Worf would be proud of!"
Yep. Definitely playing to the klingon demographic. Wait... am I mixing my franchises? Is that bad?
Yep. Definitely playing to the klingon demographic. Wait… am I mixing my franchises? Is that bad?

Good afternoon, game friends, I have some exciting news for you. The release date for Witcher III’s expansion, Blood and Wine has officially been announced. In a blog post on the PlayStation blog Kacper Niepokólczyck, a CD Projekt Red environment artist, explains the focus of the expansion pack in the land of Toussaint.

Niepokolczyck says this of the new world: “Toussaint is different from anything we ever did in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Sunny and beautiful, it’s almost a fantasy land straight out of a fairytale.”

To go along with the new area, there will be 20 hours of new content and new action. There is so much to explore in the open world of Toussaint that NIpokolczyck’s enthusiasm is almost palpable.

Along with this, Projekt Red also released a teaser trailer for the game. In it Geralt of Rivia rides into Toussaint chatting with his companions, and it is sunny and gorgeous, just as we were promised. And then there are flashes of horrifying monsters and body parts ripping. A creepy winged flesh monster flashes across the screen.

Good times.

The release date for Blood and Wine is May 31st for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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