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10 Movie and TV Personalities We’d Vote For in 2016

Yesterday, Americans across the country lined up to cast their vote for the man (or woman … don't forget Green Party candidate Jill Stein!) they wanted to lead their nation. President Obama won a second term, which means the door will open for two new candidates in 2016.

And as avid movie-watchers, we tried to think who in our world might be worthy of the title. Honestly, a lot of folks will probably be better than whichever two candidates emerge, but these 10 stand out as genuinely worthy (or at least oddly inspired) leaders.

Martin Sheen

Anyone who's ever watched The West Wing has dreamed of this. Yes, it might be a little strange to see one Charlie Sheen as the First Son, but if Josiah Bartlett really made his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it would be the American citizens who'd be WINNING.

Clint Eastwood

OK, forget Chair-gate. Let's pretend the last eight months of Clint Eastwood's life haven't happened. Go back to the Super Bowl and remember the knots you felt in your stomach as the gravelly voice of The Man with No Name told us it's halftime in America—time to storm the field and regain our swagger. It was an inspiring moment, and if that was President Eastwood relaying the message, one can only presume its resonance would be tenfold.

George Clooney 

It's been talked about—maybe not by Clooney himself, but plenty on the Left would love to see Clooney's salt-and-pepper hair in a future presidential portrait.

Matt Damon

The dude called a spade a spade. In 2008, when no one with any sort of public profile was willing to say it, he questioned Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's intelligence (and for good reason). That kind of honesty — coupled with Damon's intelligence and genial persona — make him a potentially attractive candidate.

Dennis Haysbert

He was a stellar leader in 24, as his President Palmer weathered more storms (an assassination attempt, a nuclear bomb detonation, a deadly virus outbreak) than all 44 real-life American presidents combined. Bonus: he could help curb insurance costs by working closely with his friends at All-State.

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

The first instance of a character who could earn our votes. Jack Bauer is Chuck Norris minus the cheese and the wacky right-wing conspiricies; Bauer's conspiracies are all grouned in reality (well, fictional reality). Like Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer, he's endured some tough times, but he's the reason America (again, fictional America) hasn't fallen to "terror-loving terrorists."

Oprah Winfrey


Meryl Streep

After all, she can play anybody. She might even win an Oscar while serving. Wouldn't surprise us.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

In real life, she's whip-smart and quite vocal about her politics. On camera, she's brought us some of the funniest female characters in history, but it's her recent, Emmy-winning turn as an inept Vice President on HBO's Veep that intrigues us here. Basically, she knows how NOT to do the job. That qualifies for experience nowadays, right?

James Cameron 

He's not an actor, per se, but he's definitely a big film personality, and if we're talking about "reinventing" America for the 21st Century, who better than Cameron, who's brought film further along technically than perhaps any director ever. Only strike against him: he tends to spend ... a lot.


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