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2K Games Releases Gameplay Trailer for Evolve

Earlier today publishing house 2K Games released an intriguing gameplay trailer for their upcoming science-fiction shooter, Evolve.  Developed by Turtle Rock Studios on the CryEngine, this latest trailer for Evolve features a match played at 2K Game's Novato, Calif. office with some color commentary from the developer's design director Chris Ashton.
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Known well for developing the Left 4 Dead series, Evolve is Turtle Rock Studios' first title away from Valve whom cut ties with the development studio a few years back.  Initially backed by THQ for their next video game endeavor, 2K Games swooped in and scooped up the intellectual property during the bankruptcy auction of THQ during January 2013.
Since the auction a quiet year of production passed before 2K Games and Turtle Rock officially announced Evolve, news which broke January 14th.  Over the last three months a few videos and screenshots have teased this upcoming multiplayer shooter but little else has unveiled how new and unique the game has turned out to be.
Now that 2K Games has released this gameplay trailer featuring a match played three weeks ago at their Novato office, we have been given a greater glimpse of what to expect.  The exciting footage reveals a multiplayer game stylized around the player-verse-player mode from Left 4 Dead with a scaled down cast of characters.  Instead of facing a horde of AI with a few player-controlled villains, four hunters will track down a single monstrous creature with interesting flora and fauna mechanics that benefit and deter both sides of the 5-player grudge match.
Releasing across the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Evolve is set to be unshackled during the Fall.


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